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Weather Simulation Test Chamber

Weather Simulation Test Chamber
  • Swing pipe rain tester
    Swing pipe rain tester

    Radius for swing pipe:1m / 0.6m 1, Speed for test bed: 1-17r/min 2, Material:Φ15mm stainless steel 3, Diameter for jet:Φ0.4mm 4, Distance between 2 jets: 50mm 5, Swing angles: ±45°/±60°/ ±90° 6, Rain pressure: 80 - 100Kpa 7, Test stand: Φ800mm

  • Dust Test Chamber
    Dust Test Chamber

    Handi is able to supply a complete range of solutions for carrying out Dust Test specifications. This dust test chamber provides testing as per various IEC-60529 for IP5x & IP6x, jis, is, dot mil standards. Combination of various testing cycles are available in a completely mono block construction. All settings can be done in an ergonomically designed control panel with accurate and un...

  • Combined Rain Test Chamber
    Combined Rain Test Chamber

    Handi is able to supply a complete range of solutions for carrying out Rain Test & Drip Test specifications.  This combined rain chambers are built to meet the specific test requirement needed and can meet most published specifications whether BS, ISTMs or Military and Automotive specifications. This combined rain test chamber provides testing as per various IEC-60529 for ...

  • UV Test Chamber
    UV Test Chamber

    Handi can provide you UV radiation accelerated againg test chamber that fits your exact needs and budget.This test chamber is used for the accelerated aging of materials by UV radiation. It has lamps that emit UV radiation on the samples in order to simulate, at an accelerating rate, degradation suffered against a direct exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, it is possible to pro...

  • Ozone Test Chamber
    Ozone Test Chamber

    Details : * Touch screen color controller produced in Korea, high quality, save the programming and setting time . *RS232/485 communication interface *Competitive price save customers cost *The temperature can be resetting in the future, satisfied customers different test requirements. * Electronic temperature sensor, high accuracy and easy operation * Good safety devices *Use multi-wing ...

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